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    Combining several .srt caption files into one




      I have an .srt file which I imported into Premiere with closed captions. Then, I chopped up and moved things around in the srt file, as I was adding title cards and other clips. So I find myself with one caption file, but split into 4 or 5.

      The source file does not update its timecode accordingly. Now I find myself in a timeline with 5-6 short caption clips, and I would like to export them all into ONE .srt file, with the timecodes to follow the ones on the timeline.

      How can I do that?


      Also, weirdly, when I select the caption file to export it, it only exports part of it, and not the full caption file, independently of where my in and out is.


      Please help!! It would be way too time-consuming to manually re-create the .srt file.