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    Sequence Settings Mismatch Mystery

    Crosscheck67 Level 1

      Riddle me this (incoming; noob). Does PrPro cc convert video upon the initial "Import" process into the Project Panel? Based on tutorials, I had assumed those remained native until they encountered the Timeline and subsequent Sequence settings.


      I have some hockey footage shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, in 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps (confirmed before filming the game). In another thread, I sought out some guidance creating some custom Sequence Settings. The following screen shot seemed like a perfect match:

      Recommended Sequence Settings.jpg

      So I applied said settings. When I dragged my first clip from the Project Panel to the Timeline, I received the warning about the clip not matching the Sequence Settings. Out of curiosity, I allowed the Sequence to match the clip, so I could see what PrPro 'sees' the clip as containing. The following screenshot is what everything changed to:

      Apparent Native Clip Settings.jpg

      Notice the 10 fps. Where did I go wrong? What would you have done?

      Premiere Pro CC 12.0.1



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          Jax24135 Level 3

          I'd run MediaInfo on the video clip - let a 3rd party program be the referee.

          Could be totally wrong, but I'd look closely at the type of frame rate (constant or variable). Lastest version of PrPro is supposed to work with VFR natively, but your clip could be on the edge where it'll import, but can't read all the clip metadata.

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            jasontcox Adobe Community Professional

            Jax pretty much nailed it. Your clip is almost definitely a variable frame clip. Make sure you have at least Premiere Pro CC 2018.0.1 installed as that specific update helped play nicer with VFR clips. However because of the nature of VFR clips, this is a rare scenario where you probably DONT want to tell a sequence to match the clip settings

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              Jeff Bugbee Adobe Community Professional

              No, Premiere does not do any transcoding when you import a clip into your Project. Like Jax and Jason said, VFR support is new in Premiere and I generally still try to avoid it.


              While matching the sequence setting is usually a safe bet, the fact that it is changing your sequence to a 10fps timeline means it is interpreting the footage incorrectly.

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                Crosscheck67 Level 1

                Ya in the other thread, it was discovered that my clips had VFR, as evidenced by the range of 59.45-59.65 when hovering over each one. I always keep CC apps up to date (PrPro currently 12.0.1). So as suggested the support is there, but might not be up to snuff yet...at least not from this device. I gather that I should fall back to the manual settings and have all clips fall in line.


                Thank you all for the input!