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    Lens Corrections in Camera RAW Window at startup

    ruzun Level 1

      When I startup Photoshop 19.1.2 using a RAW file from a Nikon D500, Tamrom 150-600mm A022 lens, I get the Camera Raw Window.  In that window I can choose Lens Corrections, then click on Chromatic Abberations/Enable Profile Corrections.


      When I choose Tamron as the Make, there are 9 choices of different 150-600mm lenses to choose from.  The dialog does NOT allow me to see the full string for each choice, I have no way to know which choices represent my lens.  Since there are so many older Tamron 150-600mm choices, I have NO WAY to see which Tamron 150-600mm model is the correct one for my A022 lens.


      If I make the window wider, it does NOT show any more of the lens string.  There seems to be no way to know which lens model to select when the lens model string is too wide to be displayed in the default dropdown.


      How can I pick the correct Lens model for the Tamron 150-600mm A022 lens for a Nikon D500 Camera?  They all look the same, and there is no way to read the entire lens model string in the dialog window.


      -Roger Uzun