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    SWF file not working properly in Explorer

      I have made a kind of slide show showing jpg images loaded from the web in an swf file, and it will not work properly. It is my first .swf application, and I am using the free downloadable FlashObject.js to load the swf into the browser. The problem is that it sometimes loads perfectly, while other times it will not work at all! It is not the paths, because I have tried setting the images in the same directory as the swf, and not importing the image names thru flashVars. What drives me mad is that it works consistently in Explorer, the first time I load it, and the first time after I have cleared the temporary internet files. Otherwise it will not load at all. In Firefox however, if randomly fails to load about one time out of ten or something like that. The code is compiled using the free downloadable compiler. Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?