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    Brick Building Existing Mural to Interactive 3D model - SketchUp, SketchFab, Photoshop

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      I'm in the middle of what's become a fairly large project, embedded within another large project. I run non profit that owns a building (located at 7432 Brush St. Detroit, MI 48202) that is being converted into a community resource center.


      This is the building:


      As you can see, it has a really amazing mural, which was painted by one of our neighbors. It is the visual centerpiece of our non-profits 3-acre campus, which also features an urban farm among several other projects/land uses:

      MUFI Campus Map 2017.jpgScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.13.48 PM.png15325393_1311918838839120_5147594932459463170_o.jpg

      I've been working on 3D modeling all of the structures on our campus. Similarly, I am working with several block clubs and neighborhood groups to 3D model all of the structures in our entire neighborhood.


      Here's an example of an existing structure located at 256 Horton St. Detroit, MI 48202 that I modeled and put into the interactive SketchFab viewer: 256 Horton St. Detroit, MI 48202 by TysonGersh - 3D model - Sketchfab


      What I am trying to do now is create a similar model for our building. I have managed to 3D model 100% of the brick (and mortar) exterior of the structure (including the basement, which is shown here, but not visible from ground level in the real world)

      Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.23.16 PM.png

      Now I am trying to figure out a way to add the mural. In trying to figure this out, I have been asking in the SketchUp online community in this thread: https://forums.sketchup.com/t/brick-building-mural-application-texture/64454/10


      It seems like the best way to do this is to import each side/face of the mural separately and apply each as a texture to the structure. Note, that the mural only exists on the little brick faces. There is no paint on the mortar, which is 1/2" in towards the center of the building from the brick faces, which means the mural is actually a series of several hundred (maybe over 1k) 2.25" x 8" rectangular images.


      My hope is to use this model not only to showcase how totally amazing technology is, but to create this interactive model that can help us make our overall campus vision tangible, which ideally will also help us raise the funds necessary to rehab the building and make it a functioning community center for our neighborhood. Note: I live a block away from this building and I am not being paid for any of this. I am 100% a volunteer. In order to do that, I am trying to create an interactive model that is super professional looking (at least as professional at the SketchFab model of 256 Horton above) that is accessible/interesting/compelling to any member of the general public. That means no real world brick lines, no real world shadows, and no real world sagging (the building is 103 year old, so it's not exactly plum, level, and square) colliding with the lines and shadows from the model.


      The best course of action that I can come up with is the following and I am hoping that some folks in the Adobe community can guide me along the way.

      Trying out the front of the building first. I imported a straight on photo of the building into photoshop along with a “template” screenshot (aka parallel perspective / orthographic view) of the front of the sketchup model:

      IMG_4425 copy.jpg

      MUFI CC Front (Westside) .png
      Using the lens correction feature, I got the building to stand up straight to line up with the SketchUp template screenshot.

      Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.38.21 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.39.01 PM.png

      Now I'm going through and trying to essentially recreate the mural in separate layers in photoshop on top of both.


      Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.42.07 PM.png


      Note: I’m doing basic backgrounds first, and then going to try and refine each of the images in the mural, so don’t pay too much attention to any colors blurring over or anything. Note 2: looking at the mural dead-on, some things look crooked - that’s because the mural is designed to be viewed on an angle. Everything lines up perfectly when you’re viewing the building from 50 feet diagonally away (across the street) from the Southwest corner of the structure.


      When done, I guess I’m hoping that I can import the file into SketchUp and somehow apply it to only the faces of the bricks (leaving none of the image on the mortar) in such a way that I have no brick lines (or sagging cause this structure is 103 year old) from the real world photo showing up in the final model. Does that make sense? Is this an advisable course of action?


      For what it's worth, I'm self-taught on SketchUp, SketchFab, and Photoshop. Everything I know I've learned from trial and error, online tutorials, or online forums like these. I would greatly appreciate any direction or advice anyone has to offer.

      For convenience, Here’s the most up to date version of the building including a draft sample of the imported jpeg from photoshop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s4Wwx9TAo7WP1DH0MtchC5DVW228T5g0/view?usp=sharing


      Here's a folder containing lots of different photos of 7432 Brush: 7432 Brush Photos - Google Drive