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    Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.2 won't print

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      I'm running Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.2 on Mac OS 10.12.5. I used to be able to print a file from Photoshop itself, and I've never had problems with it. I also (as anyone would expect) have been able to save my files as JPEGS or PDFs and print them without a problem. Also, a common workflow I use is making my images and arranging them on boards and pages in inDesign, and exporting a PDF and printing that PDF. Yet again, printing those images has never been an issue for me.


      However, as of a couple weeks ago, Photoshop will NOT print anything I work on at ALL. The Photoshop file itself won't print. If I save it as a JPEG or a PDF, it won't print. If I take that JPEG/PDF and put it in inDesign (and export a PDF as usual), the file won't print. A couple weeks ago, the only way I could get an inDesign file to print (containing JPEGS made in Photoshop) was to print it directly from inDesign; a PDF exported from that file wouldn't print.


      Also, the print queue doesn't reveal any errors. I watch the file enter the queue, process, and disappear from the queue (implying the file printed). However, nothing still prints.


      I give all this information and detail to describe just how confusing (and infuriating) this is. Please help. lol. ITS at my university has looked at this for hours, and was just as confused as I am.

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          I just fixed a similar issue on my computer and printer. I was having problems printing ANY PDFs. Don't know what version OS or Adobe you're using but try the following:


          I found this post: How to reset Preference settings in Acrobat.

          the only problem with it - is that it's not completely accurate for Windows 10 so I followed it until the "preference" part and used these folders instead and it worked


          In Windows 10 there is no "Preference" folder - not even hidden.  To follow these instructions you have to open the version folder


          Then rename the JSCache folder and the Security folder


          Open adobe and when you try to print it will create new folders.


          I have no idea why or how they get corrupted but I'm guessing that's what happened AND this was how I fixed my issue

          Which was:  upon hitting print either nothing happened at all and nothing went to print queue -- hit print again and  I got the 'document cannot be printed' message - click ok and I got 'there was an error in printing the document'


          I hope this helps you too!!!

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            Thanks for replying. That may help; I will try that soon.


            However, I think you and I are having different issues. My issue is not that a "document cannot be printed" message appears; my issue is that the file runs through the print queue as expected and as it should, and then it leaves the print queue (saying the job is complete), but it never prints. At the printer, the job never shows up. I know my computer is connected to my printers, because I never have problems printing from other programs. I've only had this problem printing from Photoshop in the past couple of weeks.