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    Photoshop zoom resizes image window in wrong screen

    wittyname Level 1

      My setup:


      Version: Photoshop CC 2018

      macOS: High Sierra 10.3.3

      Dual monitors: Macbook Pro connected to second monitor.


      I use the laptop screen for all my Photoshop tools, and the large screen for the working area.


      Today, I had to clean install the OS and had to reinstall all the apps on my laptop, but when I installed Photoshop CC 2018, my zoom feature is behaving strangely.


      I have my zoom tool preference set to "Resize Windows To Fit", as usual. I am viewing my image in my second monitor, but now when I zoom in/out my image jumps to the laptop monitor.


      I have managed to replicate the 'glitch' by resetting the workspace to default and moving or closing toolbars. Every time I reset the workspace to default, it seems to work normal, but as soon as I close/open a few palette windows and move them around, the problem comes back. I thought it was something under the preferences menu but it might not be the case because I reset that immediately, thinking it would help and it did not. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop again.


      Maybe there's something lingering in the cache that's screwing around with it? I tried to drag in some workspaces before from before I had clean installed my OS.


      Does anyone know what's going on? It didn't happen before.