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    PDF Page displays no content yet prints correctly. Why?


      I have received a 6 page pdf from a client.


      When viewing this through Acrobat Pro DC on MacOS 10.12.6, page 4 is completely blank. Content should be present, and is present when printed.


      It displays correctly on an older Mac running previous versions of Acrobat (10.1.4 & 11.0.0). It also displays correctly on a pc (reader only).


      In each case above, the versions of Acrobat on the Macs are part of Creative Cloud/Suite packages and therefore 'full'/professional versions.


      Can anybody please explain what the problem is? And what the solution is?


      Gary, Nottingham, UK

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Without seeing the PDF file and poking around in it, it's impossible to say what's going on. This is certainly not a common problem with a well known solution.


          It could be that you are dealing with a corrupt PDF that manifests itself in not showing anything on that particular page. You could run the "Report PDF Syntax Issues" preflight check to see if that turns up anything on that page. To do that, bring up Preflight (Edit>Preflight), then search for "Syntax", highlight the returned search result and start to analyze your PDF file:



          It may be a bit challenging to interpret the results of this check without a good understanding of the PDF specification, but you should at least get some idea about the state of the document: No errors on page four, or errors reported on page four.


          If that is not it, would you be able to share your PDF file?