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    Inserting text box and rectangle into text box


      Please help


      I am attempting to place a rectangle and text box inside a text box. I want the rectangle to be the background of the text box. The reason is that I want the text and background to have different transparency levels in the rollover state.


      Problem: When I paste the cut Text box & rectangle into a new textbox, they are placed stacked. Even though I again arrange so that the rectangle is at the back, when I preview in the rollover state it still appears off - see screenshot 3.


      How can I make sure that the rectangle aligns with the text box?


      The overall reason for why I am doing this, is that I want this "button" to have its on rollover state when inserted into a state button (related to a previous discussion I created). https://forums.adobe.com/message/10214045#10214045



      Formatting buttons Muse 2.png

      Formatting buttons Muse 1.png

      Formatting buttons Muse 3.png