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    Linking Multiple Applications in a FLEX 2 project


      I am developing a flex project that is made up of four applications including the main application and I need some help on how to link the multiple applications.

      I have the following apps.

      1. The main application
      2. a Contact application that houses multiple forms and server-side code files for form submission
      3. A Dashboard app where clients can manage their accounts
      4. A account registration/validation application.

      All of the applications are stored in the root directory together and all of the other files are stored in their own folders.

      I need help on how I can link the Contact app back to the main app so when visitors click on the Contact button, they will be taken to the contact app where they can fill out and submit the forms. Help with this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          It sounds like you are simply dealing with one main app and mxml (or AS) components used by the main app.

          In this case it is easy, child app accesses main app using Application.application.myVariable or Application.application.myMethod (don't forget to import mx.core.Application).

          If the apps are both distinct "main apps", use LocalConnection (see FB3 help).

          Oh, and if you want the main app to access the child app, just use the identifier in the main app:

          var myChildComp:MyFancySmancyChildComp = new MyFancySmancyChildComp();

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            ntsiii Level 3
            Further, typical flex apps do not consist of multiple "applications". Rather they consist of a single application with navigation components that manipulate content components.

            An "Application" will have <mx:Application> as its root tag. Any other tag makes a component.

            Do not make the mistake of building an HTML architected application using Flex. That is not the RIA paradigm.

            SWFLoader and Modules are outside the scope of this discussion.

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              RTCXi Level 1
              Hello, thank you for the guidance. One question I do have is when and when is it not good to use deep linking for flex applications.

              Also, I had opted to break everything except minor functions into multiple applications because in the Adobe training for FLEX, the sample application was broken into 2 separate applications which were the major functions and then the lessor functions were broken down into components and AS classes. Is that not a good structure to use? If not, can you tell me a good structure to use for building a FLEX app that will also have e-commerce functionality?

              Lastly, are there any good articles or books that discuss building a client side and server-side security framework for flex applications? Thank you again.