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    Actionscript help with symbol control (Flash 8)

      I have a bunch of symbols on the stage and want to control them with actionscript to cut down on the workload. The attached code is what I've created that works for the most part with 3 problems/customization desires:

      1) When I test this the POST still sends my variables in a querystring like a GET (only read by request.querystring). How to make the POST act like a POST.
      2) My mouse over creates a larger symbol. How could I get this to animate the growth to a larger symbol?
      3) My shadow effect is just a transparent copy of the original symbol. How can I change the color to be transparent black? Or is there a better way?
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          clbeech Level 3
          let's see if i can help...

          1) you should use LoadVar.sendAndLoad - rather than just send in order to maintain the current swf file - even if you only specify a "POST" method param.

          2) you should use the Tween class to 'grow the scale of the button - and shrink back to size it onRollOut - without a need to create a duplicate instance.

          3) you should use the DropShadowFilter to achieve this with code

          so this should look like:
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            SnakeBB Level 1
            clbeech, you rock! Thank you very much for the help and example! The shadow filter and tween work great, but I still can't seem to get the sendAndLoad to work. In fact, when I change from myVars.send to myVars.sendAndLoad it doesn't even open the new page.Since the code seems pretty straight forward I may suspect something else in the flash file interfearing with the post, but all my code is in the example above.
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              SnakeBB Level 1
              One more question... When I created the original symbols I neglected to change the registration point to the center of the symbol so when the tween occurs, the symbol grows to the right and out of mouse location creating a problem. Is there an easy way to change my symbols current registration point without going into each symbol and moving the graphic to match the current reg point as center?