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    Photoshop CC / Adobe Stock Scam. Super sneaky and unethical business model!

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      This new business model Adobe started with a few years back is really getting to me. I have learned the hard way, but I know easy it is to fall for this super unethical scam business model that Adobe now practices.


      How this once very serious and respectable company, Adobe, has sunk to this is beyond me?!?


      I have been through the chat support asking about it, but that ended with some Adobe support dude named Manoj Kumar said that he would "escalate my case and that someone will get back to me via e-mail". I can't say I was the slightest surprised a few days later when I got the message "We have resolved your Stock issue and are closing case number ADB-XXXX".


      The thing that is bugging me is that when opening a new document in Photoshop CC, you are offered all these "FREE" templates.. exept that they are not free at all, they are just a very dirty sneaky unethical way of Adobe to get you to unknowingly sign up for the ridiculously expensive and useless Adobe Stock subscription.


      Since I have experienced problems with Adobe Stock "FREE" stuff before I was very cautious before using any of them, and I wanted to know how "FREE" these templates really are, so I contacted the support to verify. And the reply I got was "I would like to inform you that there is no free templets for Photoshop".

      Ok, so it is just like I thought. But why are Adobe advertising them as free... and why does it not say anywhere that you sign up for a super expensive subscription that is almost impossible to get rid of?


      So, here is a huge warning to all you guys that think of using these "FREE" items, warning for Adobes new scam business model.





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