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    Brush Tool massive lag with a mouse

    wojciechm56529697 Level 1


      After installing all my favorite software on a new Dell Precision 5520 (i7, Nvidia Quadro M1200, 16Gb Ram, Win10x64)I noticed this weird behavior of the Brush Tool:

      I'm kind of used to weird stuff when it comes to Wacom Tablets, but a mouse? First time. It was never a problem before.

      Therefore, I have no idea how to approach this.

      My graphics processor acceleration is enabled in Photoshop, besides this is a small resolution file, that even a i3 should have no problem with.

      Windows Ink is on, and besides, toggling it off and on doesn't change the problem.

      Brush is a simple oval with no special effects, this should be a breeze for this system.

      Yet it lags as if it was 30k px x 20k px.


      Any ideas?

      Using: Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.0 20180116.r.238 2018/01/16: 1153018 x64 Latest NVidia Drivers: 388.16


      Here's my full System Info dump.