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    Help: AI File Imported Into AE Shows Paths Where I Segmented Logo

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      I'm working on animating an intro and upon importing the ai file I quickly noticed that I could see tiny "slits" in my logo where I had previously segmented it in Illustrator. The style I'm going for is a puzzle effect where pieces of my design will come in from off screen to build the final logo. Additionally, I have a separate layer that is the complete logo with no modifications and when I unhide it here is a slight increase in overall thickness of the logo, just barely enough to notice. I went back into Illustrator to verify the file wasn't already like this and there are no imperfections whatsoever. I tested the same method in AI of hiding/unhiding the "master" layer and there was no change in thickness as well as no thin slits where I segmented. It's as if AE is treating the layers as raster images instead of vector. Note that I'm importing as "Composition - Retain Layer Sizes" which is what I've found online regarding the best method to importing vectors.


      Image at 100%, so no zooming.



      A better look at 400%, see the slits?



      When I unhide the master layer without the segments. It's hard to tell but it's slightly thicker than previous image.