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    Having an issue with some objects not pinning to center correctly at smaller breakpoints



      I recently had a client request a couple small website modifications. I hadn't opened the site in Muse for about a year, but I opened the site, made the small changes (just some different text—didn't tamper with any page elements), then published it. Everything was working fine prior to publishing the site, but now it's having some issues with certain objects not pinning to the center of the page at different breakpoints. The website is: http://restorevocrehab.com/


      The quotes section towards the bottom is centered fine at larger resolutions, but tablet/mobile resolutions are displaying the quote off to the right a bit (as shown below)

      alignment issues muse a.png


      This issue is occurring with some of my CTA buttons, also (as shown below)


      alignment issues muse a.png


      I've verified that every object is pinned to the center, but the issue still remains.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!