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    code not updating - BUG

    Solerous Level 1
      I've been working on the same flex project for many weeks. Last week however, it started behaving oddly. It would not display the changes I made to the code. I would make a change, then launch for testing and it would launch the old version of the project. After a few restarts it seemed to finally update with my changes. Now this week it's back to not updating my changes. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

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          matthew horn Level 3
          Try rebuilding the project in Flex Builder. Select Project > Clean.

          matt horn
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            Solerous Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. I did actually try the the first time with no success. I tried it again just now and still no change...

            However I am running this project under blazeDS on a java server (running the server on my machine via localhost). I finally went into the directory and launched the html file for the project by hand and it does launch with the updates, but for some reason it's the one I launch on localhost that is not updated. This is odd since, as I said it launched the updated versions for weeks with no changes to the config files and just recently has stopped updating.

            Edit: So I just went into the properties and changed the URL slightly and when it launched the changes were there. But then I made some further changes and it would not update when I launched again. So I went back and changed the URL to what is was previously and the changes were present when I re-launched. This is crazy! What is going on here?

            By the way, here is an example of the property changes I made in the URL:

            Original: http://localhost:8888/MyProj/MyApp.html
            New: http://localhost:8888/MyProj//MyApp.html

            Note that I simply added a '/' before MyApp.html
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              Sounds like it could be a few things
              - Server caching the swf
              - Browser caching the swf
              - Something in your code causing unexpected results

              Try clearing the cache on your browser and then re-launching the project.