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    Japanese alert/dialogue boxes in Acrobat DC


      Hi Guys,


      Weird glitch going on. In Acrobat DC I've been getting alert boxes in Japanese! The drop down menu items in the mac's top tool bar are all in English except "manage my account" and sign out, which are in Japanese. If I click 'sign out' I get a dialogue completely in Japanese.


      The language set up in preferences is in English, as is the language setting in the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.


      All other CC apps are behaving as normal.


      So far, I've…

      - ditched Acrobat's preference file

      - restarted Mac

      - uninstalled/reinstalled Acrobat DC

      - uninstalled/reinstalled Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app

      - run clean up on all CC apps and reinstalled

      - downloaded an earlier Acrobat version from the Adobe site


      When I install everything again, I get the exact same problem.


      If I sign in on another mac Acrobat behaves as it should. But if another user signs into my CC Acrobat starts speaking Japanese again!


      Here are a couple of screengrabs of the offending boxes:


      Screen Shot 2018-03-20.jpg

      Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 09.20.05.png


      Any ideas?