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    Need assistance in Lightroom Catalog

    ng1111@mac.com Level 1



      Synology NAS 1815+

      Mac Pro 12 core with 48GB of memory

      Macbook Pro 2017


      My main photo computer is my desktop Mac Pro with the Lightroom catalog on the computer SSD drive.  My photos are all on my Synology NAS drive with backups all over. 


      I have a error that I have not ever had utilizing my computers before.  My usual workflow is to take photos on the road download to my laptop hard drive, cull the photos and create a new catalog with all the changes and edits to include keywording.  Then when I return home download the folder with the photos, edits, and the lightroom catalog and transfer it to my Synology NAS.  I then go to my lightroom on the MacPro and open my main catalog and request a import from another catalog which is the photos that I have just transferred onto my NAS.  It used to work just fine and then with the latest update I get the following error:

      Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.00.57 PM.png


      If I try to just load the catalog directly I get the following Error:


      Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.01.43 PM.png


      This has never happened before.   In my workflow it's important for me to be able to edit the photos on the road and then be able to reinsert them into the main catalog. 


      Anyone have an idea why i'm getting these errors or how to fix them?


      Thank you,