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    Dear Adobe / Kyle. Please consider!...

    alexdavy Level 1



      I love Kyle T Webster's brushes - i've bought almost all of them over the years. Now that Kyle is working for Adobe and is part of the adobe family...is it really necessary for each brush to be called "Kyle's..." "Kyle's..." "Kyle's..."? within CC?


      I would love to organise my brushes better (They all crashed and I had to re download all of them the other day, but thats a different matter) but is the only option for me to go through and re-name all hundreds and hundreds of brushes so i can tell at a glance what it is? Just reading 'Kyle's..." is not helpful, the brush-stroke display is not particularly helpful to me either, what i'd like is a short name, like the "Kyle's inkbox - Kalvin" brush to just be called "Ink-Kalvin" or similar, so that it fits here?


      Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 22.33.55.png

      Am I being thick? i LOVE these brushes and i realise that when Kyle was a freelancer it was important for him to brand these as his and his alone, but I just want to easily read the brush descriptions?


      Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 22.40.10.png

      I tried here to click other options to display them and its er...kind of worse.

      Does anybody have any suggestions for how to clearly and concisely see all these hundreds of brushes without resorting to painstakingly renaming each one? (Which I did, and then they all crashed and i had to reload them again)

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          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

          It's quite easy to rename them at once by scripting. You simply remove 'Kyle's Inkbox ' from each name running the script in up to few secs for thousand presets I guess. When you're decided for such move, move your topic to Photoshop Scripting


          There're some examplary codes that alert you of clicked Brush Preset name, but may be modified or completely rewritten to loop over all presets and simply rename common part to empty space: Getting the name of the current brush preset


          Edit1: I checked my 1st script and it works wrongly in CC2018, not like used in earlier versions. But 2nd one with no change.

          Edit2: what a shame, I just found my other script that detects renamed Brush Presets and it works bad in newst CC2018


          Okey, this is FINAL EDIT / here's your script:


          function sTT(v) {return stringIDToTypeID(v)}
          (ref = new ActionReference()).putEnumerated(sTT('application'), sTT('ordinal'), sTT('target'))
          lst = executeActionGet(ref).getList(sTT('presetManager')).getObjectValue(0).getList(sTT('name')) 
          for (i = 0; i < lst.count; i++) {
               if ((reg = /Kyle's Inkbox - /).test(nme = lst.getString(i))) {
                    (ref1 = new ActionReference()).putName(sTT('brush'), nme);
                    (dsc1 = new ActionDescriptor()).putReference(sTT('null'), ref1)
                    dsc1.putString(sTT('to'), 'Ink-' + nme.replace(reg, ''))
                    executeAction(sTT('rename'), dsc1, DialogModes.NO)


          Copy it, open Notepad, save as "Inks.jsx" (note you have to replace *.txt in Fiie's name field to that exact name, including double quotes!) Put this script at end of: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Scripts (it may be little different for you). Reopen Photoshop (if launched). Finally you should find your script in File / Scripts. After you click Inks, and open Brushes Panel, you will see changed names.

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            alexdavy Level 1

            Wow! I'll try this out later and let you know how it works out - Thank you so much! Unexpected kindness on the web...who knew?


            For reference on this - I'm on a macbook pro OS Sieraa, running Adobe CC (19.1.1 Photoshop) With Kyle's megapack, art markers, etc etc all downloaded from the official adobe website.

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              Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

              Let me know if it doesn't work though I tested it, or you want it to be somehow modified. Btw I forgot in last post to attach link to other script that detects renamed Brush Prestes (however it works in earlier Ps versions): Re: Brush Rename Event

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                photogster Level 1

                Not exactly the solution you are seeking but it may help a little.  You can change your UI Font Size to Tiny so you can see more of the brush names.  Go to preferences > Interface > Presentation> UI Font Size > Select Tiny.  You will need to restart photoshop.screenshot-of-kyle-brush-names.jpg