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    EXTREME brush lag.

    christic25739043 Level 1

      minor update: i discovered (mostly) that my mouse works fluidly, however my pen still lags behind. im starting to think its a settings problem with my tablet pen, but even then, i'm not quite sure where i should be looking to fix that? i'll look around a bit but i'll still probably need help to fix it.


      so i just drew a quick sketch in photoshop CC, absolutely 0 problems, had fun using my pencil brush! tabbed to discord a few times in between, talking to a friend. even opened spotify for a moment to put on music halfway through, finished the sketch with no problem whatsoever after doing all of that.


      but now i'm trying to draw more, with absolutely ZERO changes made to anything whatsoever and my brush is lagging like MAD.  i thought, maybe it was from having other stuff open. so i closed it, and no success. and i'm not talking the lag that some of you are lucky to get-just that half a second of choppy brush loading-i'm talking its taking me an entire 7 seconds to wait for a brush to draw its line. and it's not all a slow line, it'll even change pace with how i drew the line. it's acting as if i had gone in and chosen some explicit little option that said: "hey, load this brush exactly as im drawing it, except 7 seconds behind when i ACTUALLY draw it."


      no ruler was up to even turn off, (even tried turning it on and then off)

      tried setting the GPS/graphics processor settings from "advanced" to "normal" to "basic" (with restarts between to put it in effect)

      tried doing tiny brushes

      tried doing tiny canvases

      tried doing empty canvases

      tried doing the basic brush


      i just dont know what to do! i'm helpless because this is the second big issue i've encountered today, with no break. first, my sai v.2 just utterly refuses to open, despite all the routine fixes i've tried that've fixed nothing, and now i absolutely can't draw in photoshop because the brush takes forever to load literally even a single short stroke, even without a single curve or jut from point A to B!

      i haven't been able to find anyone else having this similar problem, so i'm at a loss of what to do. i just updated my wacom intuos pro, i'm using windows 7 64bit, the most recent photoshop cc (as i literally just downloaded it 30 minutes ago after i realized that i'd get nowhere with sai.) and im just at a loss for what to do.


      everything else is working fine; i can pan the camera about and zoom as fast or sporadically as i want to with no resistance or lag, but the moment i want to draw with even the simplest brush, i'm done for.