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    2:3 pulldown phase in Media Encoder

    hdhead Level 1

      Adobe Media Encoder can insert 3:2 cadence in 23.976 or 24 material. All you have to do is override the frame rate to 29.97 or 30 and set the field order to (typically) "Upper First."


      The standard is for the first frame at 01:00:00:00 to be the A frame. AME is starting on B frame. Ok, so this gets a little confusing. The standard is really the 2:3 pulldown. AME places B frame at 01:00:00:00 which is the 3:2 pulldown.


      It should be AA BB BC CD DD. AME gives BB BC CD DD AA.


      Is there a way to override the pulldown phase in AME? I'm don't see any obvious parameters.