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    60-day Flex 3 Trial Limit

      I downloaded the Flex 3 trial 5 months ago to test it and see if we (my company) needed to purchase some licenses and upgrade our existing products made with Flex 2. A large project came up immediately thereafter and I was pulled away. Now the project is done, and the 60-day trial has run out, obviously. I understand this as a general rule; however, I called Customer Service to see if I could get some instruction on how to reset registry entries or otherwise get a new trial version.

      I was told there is no way to do this, but I could download it to another machine. I work for a small company and that is not an option. I am not requesting anything in this post but I am hoping to tell Adobe that I don't think it is a very good policy to just refuse any leeway with customers who have spent thousands of dollars on their products to date. If it sounds like I am requesting special treatment, yes, I am, and I think it should be given for registered customers who regularly buy products from a company. Maybe Adobe doesn't care what anyone has done with Macromedia in the past, I don't know. But this policy is being applied too strictly, in my opinion, and I just wanted to inform Adobe that they have an unhappy customer.

      Thank you for your time,