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    Audio Track Effects workarounds

    Mr. Positronic Level 1

      For several years, users like me have been looking for a way to copy and paste audio track effects.  Almost every project I edit has voice tracks that need sweetening or sound effects that need some reverb to make them match the environment.  I edit hundreds of sequences a year and every time, I have to start from scratch adding EQ, voice enhancements, limiter and adjusting all of those parameters by hand.


      I don't understand why this simple feature has never been addressed.


      I have 2 workarounds I'd like to share and wondered if anyone else has a suggestion ...


      1. Build a template sequence with commonly used effects and settings applied to the audio track mixer, then always start a project by importing the template sequence.  (Drawback is that the template can't anticipate how many tracks of each you will need)


      2. Take a snapshot of the UI so that at least you can use it for reference when applying all those settings from scratch.


      Does anyone else have a suggestion?  Or a friend at Adobe you can bribe to add the feature?