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    The Colour of Tennis Balls???

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      This article comes from BBC News today, and is just barely on topic for this forum.   It appears that a lot of people are not sure whether tennis balls are yellow or green, but folk like us know that those colours are closely related.  If you want to darken the grass or foliage in a picture, we use the yellow sliders and not the green.  Other people argue that if tennis balls were green, then they would be hard to see against the grass at Wimbledon.


      I would say that the yellow in the centre of these balls, clearly trends towards green on their periphery. Incidentally, I did of course spit after pasting in this Getty Images stock image seeing as they are responsible for making it so difficult to grab images from the internet nowadays


      What colour do you think these tennis balls are? - BBC News


      At the end of the day, the numbers don't lie.  Sample point #1 has equal levels red and green, and no blue, so is unarguably yellow.

      Sample point #2 has half as much red as it does green, and still no blue — is there a proper (posh) word for yellowy green?