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    showing and hiding TileList


      I thought I did this right but I need someone's help please because it's not workign.

      What I'm trying to do:
      I have a canvas that I want to display one of two sets of photos from different sources. If one set is available, I want it to show that set, but if it is not, I want it to show a different set of photos.

      I have two tile lists with different IDs to show these sets of photos. Both tile lists are in the same canvas and take up the same space, so if they were both visible at the same time, they would overlap one another.

      The way I've tried to make this work is that I call some actionscript to get the data with the 'creationcomplete' event of the containing canvass. if I get the first set of data, my actionscript sets the 'visible' property of the second tilelist to false and the 'visible' property of the first tile list to true. And vice versa.

      I thought this would hide one tile list and show the other, but it doesn't seem to do that.

      I might not have given enough information, but I can certainly offer more if someone has some ideas on how to help. Please let me know and I can provide some source code snippets or whatever.

      Thanks in advance for any advice.