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    Missing Credits

    turun turun

      Hi. My subsription was canceled last year but i had several credits remaining and i was using them as i needed them. Today i noticed that my remaining credits are gone and  i didn´t received any notification at all.

      I would like my credits back as son as posible, how can i get them back? I paid for them, and i´m assuming they expired. I understand that credits have an expiration date, but really i wasn´t notified in any way that this date was near (iStock does send an email notification, why dont you people?). I really really really need those credits back. I hope there is a solution for this, taking in consideration there was no notification from Adobe about this matter. That is a bad service.


      By the way, it is pretty difficult to get real help from you guys (Adobe), this is just a very bad customer service. You are getting very over confident, just saying.