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    LR CC Export Issue

    JackBr Level 1

      I completed editing 65 photos in LF.

      I entered the name of the file I wanted the photos exported to on my desktop folder.

      Upon exporting I received a LR message the photos could not be found and the export failed.

      I attempted to select all the photos and export again.

      All the photos are still on the ribbon below the photo window.  I have not imported any additional photos in fear I may lose what I have

      The export selection link in the Library is grayed out and cannot be accessed for this bunch.

      I ran a search on my computer for these photos and nothing came up.

      This happened before but fortunately with less than 65 edited photos so I imported those photos again under a different name and edited them again and they exported properly.

      I prefer not to do this since there were some complicated edits that took additional time.

      I tried again to select all these photos which are still on the bottom ribbon and center photo display. I can select all and tried to export them under a different name.  but, still they go NOWHERE

      I tried to export as a Catalog   The lrcat was exported but it opens only in LR not on my desktop.   In the same folder as the lrcat link are these links;

      (Name) previews.lrdata. This opens windows with lists of numbers and letters that eventually link to files that state INVALID IMAGE,

      1. Name.lrcat.lock This opens in LR to a message stating no photos found, and Name.lrcat-journal.

      Please advise how I may find these photos in LR an export them.

      Please reply in simple basic language because I am not a quintessential LR user.

      This is LR Classic CC bundled with my Leica purchase.

      Thanks, Jack Braunstein


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          dj_paige Level 10

          Lightroom can't find the photos on your hard disk where they are supposed to be. You need to first search — by file name — all of your hard disk(s) using your operating system's search feature to find where the photos are located. Once you find them, you can reconnect the photos using these instructions: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders

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            JackBr Level 1

            When I did a computer search for the file name it came up as an empty folder.

            Is there anyway to find them in LR and export them with my edits?

            They are still in Lr since I have not imported any files to replace them yet.

            I attempted to be as specific as possible in my request.  Am I missing some info to provide to help me?

            Thank you

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              dj_paige Level 10

              If they can't be found on your hard disk, a few they're not in your trash can, then you need to restore them from your backups. If you don't have backups then the photos are gone and not coming back.

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                ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                Your images are not "in" Lightroom. They are on your hard drive, just like your spreadsheets and documents. Lightroom just references the files by path and file name.


                Right-click on one of the missing files in the Library grid, select "show in Explorer/Finder". This will show you where Lightroom last knew the file(s) to be.

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                  JackBr Level 1

                  I have been trying and trying.

                  Even though my edited photos appear in both library and develop mode I am getting messages the photo could not be found.

                  In the Library Mode there is an Exclamation Point on the top right of each photo (Loupe Mode).

                  I have selected all and tried to export the photos.  I changed the name of the Subfolder and export name of this file.

                  It loads up (preparing to export) as if exporting.  But no results.  It does not make it.  I looked in MY PICTURES file and DOWNLOADS file.  NOTHING.  I have run computer searches and nothing or empty folders show up.

                  I downloaded the CATALOG on my desktop,and, when it opens it is LR not my desktop.

                  These photos must reside somewhere


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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    To repeat what was written earlier, your images are not ever "in" Lightroom. Lightroom opens a catalog which is a database, and that database or catalog keeps track of where the images are stored on your computer. They can be on any hard drive connected to your computer, internal or external. Besides the catalog, Lightroom generates previews to facilitate faster display of your images. All of the work done in Lightroom is stored in the catalog, and the master images are never modified or touched. They are only referenced when needed, such as for exporting and for referencing when editing. It would seem that these master images have been deleted or moved. That's why you are seeing the "!" on the preview images.