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    IE7 audio bug - reproducible

      From an internal bug report:

      In low-bandwidth situations, repeatedly clicking objects that trigger audio causes Internet Explorer 7 to crash. It seems that the Shockwave plugin is crashing and taking down Internet Explorer with it. We do not know what is causing the crash only that it does not happen over high-bandwidth connections. The bug appears more often when several users in a single physical location run the courseware while sharing the same bandwidth.

      A zip file with a simple dir, dcr and htm file to reproduce the bug can be found here:


      Click the black button several times IN INTERNET EXPLORER 7 to see the browser crash.

      I am curious to know why this is happening. I can't tell if it is Adobe's or Microsoft's fault. (I guess it could be mine) but it seems to be such simple code. The browser should NOT just crash.
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          Chunick Level 3
          which shockwave plugin?... there are now two - one for D11 and the other for older versions...
          which version of Director?
          which OS and service pack?

          I've just tested it on my Intel Quad Core Q6700 Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP1 in IE7 running just the DCR (.htm pages default to Firefox for me)... and repeatedly clicked on the black button to repeat the audio but IE7 did not crash.
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            twurdock Level 1
            Ha, I guess that would be helpful

            We've reproduced with both SW 10 and 11 plugin.

            Was created/published from Director 8.5.

            I have only reproduced on an XP machine (SP 2), not sure if it was reported on Vista. I may go check that.