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    Can't get a illustrator file to work in ae

    okke wolfk94726709

      Dear reader,
      I've been trying all day and night (literally) to try the following problem:



      I want to import a Ai file into after effects (which in the past, even yesterday, has worked out fine) but in any possible way I can import it, it always shows up as a black background, or no background at all (just the grey of the composition window). I have tried about every setting there is to import the file, I've copied the drawings in ai into a different ai file and saved it, I even tried making the file compatible for lower versions of ai, but none have worked so far. I also tried moving it from my external disk to my pc.

      This is what I get when I open the comp;

      I'm, pretty sure the problem is in the file but I can't even begin to imagine what the problem could be, so please help me guys.
      For reference, this is the Ai file I'm trying to import (it has 7 layers.)