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    Vista Style Help

      Hello, I want to know if robohelp can create a help system similar to the one in MS Vista. How much control do you have over the table of contents page, and the placement of the navigation controls? I want to do this all in HTML, no flash and wrap it in a pop up window with some controls at the top, the robohelp content loaded into an iframe in the middle (kinda like the MS Vista help looks like).

      I want to display a breadcrumb path at the top, so the user can return to the previous page etc.

      Can I do it with robohelp?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          There was a presentation at WritersUA where someone showed the closest they could do. Unfortunately I don't have the details so I cannot answer your questions. Maybe the presentation was posted on the WritersUA site?

          One of the .AIR templates is a Vista lookalike. Take a look on my site for .AIR information.