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    Targeted action for nested movie

      Hi there.

      I have a problem and am hoping someone here can help.

      I have a movie (let's call it index.swf). Within this movie is a nested movie with content (nested so I can ensure it is centred when the window is resized using the resizelistener) - lets call that nested.swf. I want to have buttons in the index.swf that, when clicked, perform an action on nested.swf. For a bit of context, nested.swf is a booklet-type flash movie. As it is centred on resize, I want the buttons to behave differently - to remain in a consistent location on the page, hence putting them in index.swf. The buttons are intended to take the booklet to a specific page.

      The actions I've used to go to a specific page WITHIN nested.swf (instance name 'nested') are:

      on (release) {
      on (rollOver) {
      book.flipOnClickProp = false;
      on (rollOut) {
      book.flipOnClickProp = true;

      However, I'm unsure how to target this to the same effect from within index.swf. Any ideas?

      Many thanks.