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    Dynamic setting for anti aliasing

    mjohnsson Level 1
      I am quite new to flash/flex/actionscript, worked only four days with it. I am implementing a parallel coordinates component (see http://www.evl.uic.edu/aej/526/kyoung/Training-parallelcoordinate.html ) as a research project, to find out if the flex platform is fast enough for this kind of visualization.

      So far I have implemented the plot and am now working on interactive min/max filters for each of the columns. However, I have run into some performance issues when anti aliasing is enabled (quality in the embed tag set to anything other than low).

      I do want to have antialiasing enabled for other components in the application, so, my question is; is it possible to enable/disable antialiasing on a per canvas/component basis? Is it possible to toggle antialiasing on and off during runtime?