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    Accessing a X.509 Cert using cfobject

      I'm trying to consume a webservice that requires an X.509 certificate. The webservice uses SOAP.

      In our current setup, we already consume several SOAP webservices. The way I usually do it is to create a XML Packet where I manually generate the envelope, and then pass it using CFHTTP.

      I am having problems with this technique as I need to generate the SOAP headers based off the binary tokens created by the certificate.

      I am never able to get anywhere using cfinvoke. I can never even access the WSDL, which is why I always lean towards using CFHTTP.

      Does anyone know of any way to use a java object to access the certificate and then output the tokens? I have already imported the certificate into the cacerts keystore using the CF keytool utility.

      Thanks in advance,