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    Why Does Audio Dropout on Playback (in source and sequence)


      Yes a very similar question was asked and answered in January 2018 but the issue is still there apparently. The solution proposed in response to that query does not seem to work for my situation.


      System Setup:

      Windows 10 machine with Xeon processor, 128 GB memory, latest Premiere Pro CC, C & D drives are SSD, E drive is disk, cache on C drive, 2 P5000 GPUs, latest nVidia driver.



      Imported a single 45-second clip (3840x2160, 24p, XAVC-I codec), then tried the following:

        1. Playback in source view - notice (frequent and significant) audio dropouts
        2. Try 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 playback resolution - same problem
        3. Drag clip into the timeline and play it there at various playback resolutions - same problem
        4. Tried a solution proposed by Dfrelow (in January 2018) in response to a similar question from Jim_Simon (delete contents of cache folder, reboot, start Premiere, let it run for "a while" - I interpreted that as 10 minutes, reboot) - that did not help
        5. Just to convince myself that there's nothing wrong with the clip coming from the camera, I exported the sequence to an MP4 file and played the result - the audio is all there and it sounds fine (no dropouts)


      Looks like the problem really is in Premiere Pro CC playback.



      Any thoughts on the root cause of this issue and how to fix it?