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    Flash vs Flex

      Hi, everyone!

      I read some discussions on the internet, about Flash vs. Flex, and I thought bringing this conversation to where I can find some experienced people in both technologies (Flash and Flex).

      I would like to know the pratical differences between the two thecnologies and what are the advantages/disavantages in your point of view.

      Considering Flash, we have some good capabilities in handling visual and have a unlimited power (inside the Flash Player universe) of coding. In the Flex side, we have a faster development situation.

      Yes, Flex can do anything we could do with Flash IDE, and many times, faster. But, what about the extra Kbytes? And what if I want a custom interface, without using any UI Flex Component, I would still experience a faster development?

      So, what is the better choice, Flash IDE or Flex?

      Thank you in advance for any experience share! And forgive me the language mistakes, I learned English by myself.