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    First CLOSE button is not working but the second one is

    cyber fyb Level 1
      Hi, I am working on a new web site using Flex 3 but I encounter a weird problem where I did not find any information yet about the issue. I open a TitleWindow to show an image as full size where I want to show a close button at the top and a close button at the bottom of the image (some image are very huge and this is the purpose of this TitleWindow). The close button at the button working fine but the one at the top is not working at all (but it is displayed correctly). What I tried to do was to create 2 HBox inside one HBox. The two HBox are called hbox1a and hbox1b. In the hbox1a I put a label containing the title of the image. In the hbox1b I put the close button. But the "close button" at the bottom is not inside a hbox, only put as the next component into the TitleWindow.

      If anybody can help me to understand why the first close button (at the top) is not working, I will appreciated to understand.

      Thank you for any help!
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          cyber fyb Level 1
          Well! It is always good to be able to answer ourselves but this one was quick! Maybe because the fact of explaining on this forum was a good thing to clean the idea/concept!

          Anyway, I decided to create a new function to close the TitleWindow where I decided to pass the ID (name) of the TitleWindow instead of the event.currentTarget.parent and it works! So I think I can reduce all this to only one function and use my second function for both close button.