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    Premiere CC Displaying & Rendering Video


      I closed Premiere, then re-opened it to the nasty surprise that all my .mp4 files were being displayed with a dominant green colour, despite the videos having no green in them whatsoever. The problem even extends to rendering. I would like to note that:

      1. This only happens to video files, it seems.I am making an animation from solely .mp4 and .png files imported into premiere, but none of the .png files are affected by this at all.


      2. I did update my Intel Graphics driver recently, regrettably while Premiere was still open. But I'd like to note that after discovering this error in Premiere, I immediately manually installed the previous version of the driver, which has not changed anything.


      Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 - D__Premiere Files_Sequence 2 USB 23_03_2018 01_37_05.png