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    "Lost" topics

    Tech Writer KC Level 1
      RH7 crashed not long after I imported several topics into a project.

      When I reopen, the imported topics do not appear on the topic list, no matter which folder I select on the toolbar. However, when I tried re-importing, RH7 sees the original files still existing and asked if I wanted to copy over the existing files. When I look in the project folder, I can see the topic .htm files and open them in Firefox.

      Long story short: how do I get RH to "re-see" these topics within RH?
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          Tech Writer KC Level 1
          Some additional info:

          I've tried using the "Find Topic" tool, but it fails to see them.

          The Topic List appears to only be showing topics that were linked to the TOC prior to the import. After importing, I'd modified the TOC to include the new topics and had begun applying new formatting to them, saving as I went.

          For some reason, the TOC has reverted to the one prior to the import. I don't think the import caused the crash, as I'd been working for at least a half hour or more after the import before the crash.

          Now, the Topics List doesn't appear to show any topic that isn't on the TOC, and I can't find any way to "refresh" or otherwise get the Topic List to show everything.

          If anyone can tell me how to get these to reappear, I'd be grateful! My frustration and tolerance level with RH is about at its end. The problems and issues I'm encountering are getting ridiculous, and losing 2 hours' worth of formatting work on saved topic files (which I can see in Windows Explorer (with the new formatting) and which RH detects when attempting to re-import) only for RH crash and then be unable to find them is inexcusable.
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            All you should need to do is import the HTM files. This problem normally occurs if a crash happens before you saved your project. In this instance the Access database looses track of where the files are.

            As an aside, it may be work creating a new project and importing these files into it to see if the topics caused the crash. Otherwise you may get further crashes.
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              I also have this same problem. If you look at the 'Topic List' the topic is clearly there, but it is no longer associated with the folder in the Project Manager.
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                Have you tried to import the topic back into the project ignoring the fact the Topic List shows it?

                Have you tried renaming the CPD with the project closed and then reopening the project?

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                  Tech Writer KC Level 1
                  I would reimport, but I'm not wanting to lose all the reformatting and additional changes that were made between the import and the crash.

                  When I open the htm files directly, they show all the changes, which to me indicates they've been saved. So I'd rather "recover" the existing htm files rather than overwrite and have to start from scratch. :(
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    That shouldn't happen but take a copy of your project that you can revert to if it doesn't work.

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                      Moonlion2 Level 1
                      Yay! I love LOST! Oh, wait, wrong topic...