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    Adobe Acrobat Document Object in Word 2016 - Display as icon


      Having an issue here. Most of our PC's are able to right click/copy a PDF and paste into Word and it usually shows the 1st page of the PDF however one user is having an issue where it "Displays as icon". On the other PC's the check box is unchecked however on this particular, everytime I paste a PDF into Word, the "Display as icon" box keeps staying checked. Is there a way to change that setting so that "Display as icon" is unchecked? See below:


      Problematic PC. When you copy n paste any PDF file, it shows *** an icon. If you right click and select Acrobat Document Object>Convert, Display as icon will always be checked:



      On all the other PC's I've checked, copying and pasting a PDF into Word seems to work fine.