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    Automatic Range Rescaling


      Hi, can anybody explain to me what automatic range rescaling is? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm working on a multicam sequence of a live event and am digitally zooming / scaling / panning as I go but when I apply a scale or postion modification to the current cut of the sequence, it rescales everything to the right on the time line.  Currently I am either cutting and pasting attributes from an earlier clip or typing over and tabbing through position and scale values so I was looking for a way to quickly revert my scale and position values back to the default 1920x1080@100%. When you twirl down under Video Effects (Motion) for Position and Scale you see a check box that, when you hover over it, says: "toggle automatic range rescaling" I was hoping that this might help me solve my problem but I'm also curious to see what it is.  Any ideas?