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    Shooting tethered into lightroom and syncing to iPad  is SLOW


      hello, I am shooting tethered with a Canon 1 DXII into Lightroom Classic with a brand new MacBook Pro on a very fast wireless network. I'm also using a new iPad pro on that same network, all software is the latest. I'd like to use the iPad strictly for customer preview during a studio session, it seems pretty solid, once I press shutter, images show up in Lightroom in <5 seconds, but the problem I am having is it takes the images anywhere from 10-15 seconds to show up on the iPad using the sync to LR mobile feature. The weird thing is it takes the exact same transfer time for RAW and small Jpegs. I've gone through my Lightroom settings and optimized it and turned on smart previews with no luck. Are there any tips to shorten this sync time or is that just the way it is?