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    Menu widget and Child pages

    Begadoc Level 1

      I am just feeling my way round Muse, so please bear with me. I have looked in various help sources and can't find an answer to this.


      I have a few pages which, when I use the menu Widget, produces the top level menu. That's as I expected. I can switch the menu type to all pages and that produces drop down menus for the child and grandchild levels which is not what I want.

      Difficult to explain this so I hope I am making myself clear!


      What I am after is this

      Top level, a HOme page with a menu leading to three other pages -            Item 1     Item 2     Item 3

      Clicking on item 1 leads to an introductory page (child) from which I have a choice of 3 lower level pages (grand children)


             Home   Item 1     Item 2     Item 3


                         Intro page


      Data 1       Data 2    Data 3


      If I select Intro page and add the menu widget I want it to display the three Data pages. However what I get is the Top level menu.


      Is there a way to get the automatic menus for child and grandchild levels or does that widget only produce the top level and drop down menu, or do I have to do this by creating lower level menus and links manually?