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    TroubleShooting Help! Will not Print to PDF, error messages.

    hugos38261690 Level 1

      I get a few different type of error messages when I try to print to PDF, I get "Your file waiting to be printed was deleted" also and "The Handle is invalid." Also on our accounting software which is the purpose that I need this to Print to PDF it does not saving at all. It gives me a directory to save it at, but once i click to print nothing is saved. I am at a complete loss of what to do. So far most of what I have searched and found has not helped. I have Repaired Adobe and removed all other versions. From when I remember this started is I used to have Adobe Acrobat DC the trial installed, I signed up for the trial and it worked great once the trial was completed I was no longer able to do this. So i installed Adobe Acrobat XI which is fully licensed and this function has not worked for me after installation. 1.pngCapture.png