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    Muse form not sending to gmail accounts

    manuelt1004241 Level 1

      I created a web page with a form in, it has 4 mails to send the data: 1 mail with the same domain as the web page (mail hosting provider: google), 1 personal mail with hotmail, 1 personal mail with gmail and 1 business mail (mail hosting provider: google).


      Uploading to Business Catalyst makes to send the form data to all of the mails. All great.
      Uploading to my host (RimuHosting) makes the form to send the data only to my personal hotmail account as spam.


      The data is not even sent to the domain mail as spam. (webpage: superv.mx - mail: ventas@superv.mx)


      I need a solution for this issue please

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          touficnabi Level 3

          Hi Please contact your hosting provider to check if you 'DOMAIN' is blacklisted.


          Muse form sends the mail using the mail server from your hosting provider, if in any case the mail server you are using is blacklisted the mails wont deliver to the address.



          Toufic Nabi

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            manuelt1004241 Level 1

            Thanks but I already solved it with help of a programmer friend.


            I searched a lot of forums, tutorials, programmer blogs and I didn't get the answer because they weren't updated. This may help people with same problem.


            The mails weren't delivered because Muse don't generate a for or echo parameter for the function email_form_submission($form) since $sent only designates 1 mail, not all (In form_process.php line 148-159). I tried one by one and every form were sent (mails added in the form widget appears in form-u15840.php).


            Thanks anyway.