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    Camera Raw Missing Camera Profiles when imported from Lightroom

    JmanTN Level 1

      When I attempt to edit a photo within Lightroom and want to edit within Photoshop I'll right click and select edit in Photoshop.  If I decide later on to further adjust the overall look I'll go into the Camera Raw Filter and I've noticed that for the Camera Profiles it doesn't show options like Adobe Standard or Canon Landscape for example. 


      Within Lightroom CC I am able to see all the profiles there.


      I can also go to finder (Mac) and drag the image file directly into photoshop and from there the camera raw filter shows my camera profiles.


      The issue is some photos I've edited a long time ago with numerous edits applied doesn't look right when applying with all the changes already made within lightroom so I'm attempting to go below the edits within photoshop to the base layer if you will and would like to apply the filter that way.


      So far I'm missing the option only when I select edit in photoshop within lightroom.  The options are gone regardless if I edit a DNG that's never been edited anywhere yet or if it's a Tiff and I select edit original in photoshop.


      Is this expected behavior?


      At this point I'm having to delete all my files I edited in photoshop (my Tiff's) and applying the filter then editing all over again in photoshop.