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    LR Catalog not working, how can I save my collections?


      My main catalog is not working properly.  I do have back ups of all my images with XMP's attached (phew) and I have created a new catalog to test if the old catalog was in fact the problem.  The new catalog works beautifully fast as it should.



      My issue in creating the new catalog is two fold, first, my collections do not carry over (which contain my projects in progress) and secondly, my most recent back ups are also corrupt so I cannot draw the collections from using those back ups. I have years of work in my collections.  I realize I can further back in my back up files and open an older catalog, I'am just trying to explore other possibilities before I accept that some of my most recent work is not salvageable. 

      I have tried using the LR backups to create a catalog but find the same problems.

      1. Won't populate the folders consistently.  Sometimes they populate but then "loading" remains on the screen and no files ever appear.
      2. LR has changed the name of my root folder although this does not seem to impact the periodic populating of folders. I have attempted to "rename" in hopes of correcting the issue, but it won's respond.
      3. Will not import or export
      4. Essentially, wont do anything. 



      Please Help!


      Thank you,