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    Lingo for "ctrl+f"

    rafa@mediatech Level 1
      Hello everyone!
      I will be the happy owner of VizionDB in the next few days (well, the company I work for will be the actual owner). I successfully created a project for our client and they are ready to change all their PDF CDs into this data base engine. Anyway, my question is this...how can I create a short cut to the "Find Text" window that appears when I hit "CTRL +F" when I have a PDF displaying on the Director window?

      I know the shortcut exist, but I am afraid users will not know about this shortcut. I want to add a button that the user can click and will bring this "Find" window. Any ideas?

      Something along the lines of:

      on mouseUp me
      "lingo equivalent to ctrl+f"

      Thank you!