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    Adobe Pr refusing to work with GPU because of "driver age"


      editing video on the go with my laptop can be a large pain, Adobe Pr REFUSES to run on my GPU even though it is a GPU with cuda cores, I ran GPU sniffer in the files of adobe but the window would force close or crash shut before I could see what the console said, however I managed to snap a pic of the console using my phone and adobe recognizes it as a CUDA enabled card and even detects how much VRAM I have and at the very bottom theirs an asterisk and it says "not chosen because of old driver" why is this a thing? and how do i get around it? I dont wanna wait to render 5 minutes of 1080p footage for 2 hours using just the CPU, im also using driver version 342.01 with a release date of December 14, 2016


      Specs of my laptop:

      Core 2 Duo T9500 @2.71GHz overclock

      Quadro FX 570M @615MHz Overclock

      4GB DDR2 800MHz

      Laptop: Thinkpad T61p

      (Yes I know its a relic I dont have the money to upgrade)

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Not only that, but Premiere Pro CC 2015 or later will not run properly, if at all, on your laptop because it does not have enough installed RAM.


          And the Quadro FX 570M is now obsolete, so the driver is the most recent version that's available for your GPU and is no longer being updated at all. CC 2015.3 or later requires driver version 365.xx or later just to even enable GPU acceleration at all.


          And even if the Quadro of that particular generation were supported, your FX 570M has too little graphics RAM in order to even enable GPU acceleration at all. It comes with only 512 MB of graphics RAM - and even CS5, let alone CS6 or CC 2014, requires at least 765 MB of free, unused graphics RAM to even enable GPU acceleration support at all.


          And finally, the FX 570M has only 32 CUDA cores, which is far too weak to utilize GPU acceleration in any event - and will also severely degrade CPU-only performance as well because it is a severe mismatch for any modern CPU.


          With the age of that dinosaur, you might as well give up video editing entirely: If you can't afford even a cheap new laptop (and yes, even a cheap new Atom-based Celeron laptop will outperform your current relic of a laptop), you may be stuck with that relic for life, and become extremely vulnerable to malware attacks as support for that relic comes to an end (to the point that newer operating systems won't run properly or at all on that system).


          And there is absolutely no solution at all whatsoever, now and forever, from nVidia, Adobe or any other company for this problem. Your hardware is now EOL (End Of Life) and effectively EOS (End Of Support).

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            jasontcox Adobe Community Professional

            RJL's words were a little harsh, but sadly, he is speaking the truth. Your hardware is just woefully, painfully underpowered for the last few versions of Premiere. For any recent versions of ANY video editing software, to be honest. It's likely that the graphics card is just too old to be supposed with changes in the software over time. RJL was also correct that almost ANY computer on the market today would outperform what you have, even the bottom of the barrel ones (not that Id recommend buying bottom of the barrel). Sadly, creative professionals simply cannot go 7-8  years between computers if we also want to run the latest software to their max potential!

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              Bready_To_Toast Level 1

              I know my HW is old and I have looked at "bottom of the barrel" laptops but N3050's and N3060's and over 94 to 71% slower respectively compared to my T9500, so I would be seeing WORSE performance getting a new laptop, i still have a desktop to edit video with, I just needed help with at least trying to get acceleration to work I will be upgrading to a T430u when i get the money but as of now I simply dont, I just have to make do with what I have. also my T61p runs windows 10, and the 570M has 16 CUDA cores I think your mixed up with a desktop FX 580