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    LR import

    Dirtnapper Level 1

      I am using LR Classic CC.  Importing mages from a card goes along ok until it finishes the import. Once finished, LR does not default to the folder of imported images, it is still on the folder that was selected when opened.

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          richardplondon Level 4

          This is I think a recently added option.


          In Lightroom Preferences, General tab, Import Options section, the second checkbox states

          [ ] Select the "Current/Previous Import" collection during import


          If this box is checked, LR goes automatically to the "Previous Import" view after importing

          If this box is unchecked, LR remains viewing whatever you were viewing before importing.

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            Dirtnapper Level 1

            Thank you.


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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              LR never went to the folder the imported images were copied or moved to. It either stayed on the folder that was selected or went to the Previous Import Temp Collection in the Catalog section.


              As stated above.

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                richardplondon Level 4

                Yes: this "Previous Import" view has got nothing to do with folders per se. Even if your latest import was restricted to a single folder.


                Because this is a Smart Collection which operates regardless of folders.


                When your import procedure involves images in different folders, you will still see those presented as a single set. Furthermore, this set won't include any other images which happen to sit physically in a given folder; but which were included in some previous import. To see those as well, you would have to click on that particular folder.