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    Making one puppet move relative to another, with some wiggle

    alank99101739 Level 4

      I want to do a character walking carrying some balls. The balls should track with the character, but move a little bit - like dangles on hair with gravity. A bit of bounce in the movement. I got something to work, but wondering if there is a cleaner way.


      Attempt 1 I dragging the soccer ball puppet into the person puppet (separate top level groups in the same puppet). When the person moves, the balls move as well. But I could not work out how to get it to wiggle relative to the person (to look a bit more natural). I also put a dangle on the ball puppet, which did cause the ball to distort a bit with each step.



      Next attempt, instead of putting the balls at the root, I put them under hair groups (!!) then changed the attach mode from "auto" to pick a "dangle" handle name attacked to the hair. The ball now bounces with that hair group (I changed the X,Y so they are not close to each other so you don't notice they are attached).




      The end result seems decent....


      Scene - Sam v1 - SIDE with balls_1.gif


      My question: is there a better way?